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We always provide proper maintenance and follow up services.

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Original SPARE parts

from the largest international companies specialized in the manufacture of spare parts.

Universal engine oils

We selling of motor oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, and brake fluids. Since each item of this products is manufactured in Germany, it is created in a certified production process and therefore meets the highest quality standards.

High quality filters

With ALGAZIRA TRADING AGENCY , you get original equipment quality every time. comply with the global standard TS 16949.

electronic components

With ALGAZIRA TRADING AGENCY , you get original Electronic Components quality every time.

Our Services


Engine Spare Parts


engine oils


gear & hydraulic oils




Heavy equipment parts


Repair and Overhauling


Installation and Commissioning



What To Expect

Answers clients’ demands and requests efficiently and in record time with the best of expertise, professionalism and resources.


Our highly trained service engineers have under extreme conditions succeeded in maintaining the generator’s full reliability and thus guaranteeing our customers’ trust and comfort.


We have developed our maintenance service center to include a wider scope of maintenance operations and services.


We have experienced mechanical & electrical engineers to insure efficient every equipment we sell.

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